Friday, 4 November 2011


Hey dolls!

Do you write songs, rap or sing?
Well here at The Barbie Box we love bringing fresh and exciting news to our readers and are happy today to be writing this post to bring some fresh hope to our talented followers out there, by introducing them to....SKREECH!!! 
Now we understand that at first the name sounds like a bit of a lucky escape from a car crash!!! (hehe)! But Trust us you have to read on and take advantage of this amazing concept for all talents out there!!!!
If you are a talented individual with dreams of becoming a star and you are tired of attending frequent auditions and not getting the part or of wasting postage stamps to send your demo's half way across the world and never even knowing if they have been listened to! Then all you need to potentially get you one step closer is ... Skreech!!!
Skreech has been described as "The Worlds FIRST Teletalent Music Scouting Agency"!!! 
Using a premium rate number they actually take audition submissions THROUGH THE PHONE!!! Yes through the phone - isn't that great!!!!Well we think it is GREAT news for any budding talent trying to get into the music business and be heard!
Skreech have got the links to all the top record companies of the UK and if they like a tape that you supply to them they will arrange for a proper/professional demo recording of you and will endeavour to get the tape/recording into record companies - with a view to getting them signed.
Skreech themselves describe this experience as "a lot of fun for a few quid spent"!- and based on the concept e at The Barbie Box definitely agree!

SKREECH - Get The Deal!   -

The Barbie Box

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